Humiliatrix Whether your aim is to wrap him around your little red-tipped finger (gulp!), coax him to his knees (cringe!) or make him heel beneath your stilettos (yikes!), here's how to tease, titillate and humiliate your man into doing anything your pitter-patter desires! Anything.

Bad Boys Get Spanked Here you'll find spanking advice, stories, illustrations, photos, audio spankings, plus a spanking tutorial, a spousal spanking contract, and everything you've ever wanted to know about giving your man the butt-smacking, leg-flailing, promise-inducing, behavior-improving, kiss-your-hand-afterwards ride of his life!

Whap! Magazine Tips and Tricks to make your little man cherish, honor and obey!

Shame-on-you Aunt Keri lives here. Uh oh! Send your little man to me, Ms. Pentauk, for the evening and he'll come crawling back to you with a red face, a rosy hue, pink buns, a yellow streak up his spine and a mysteriously sunny demeanor! Includes the "Ask Aunt Keri" archives, for you to read while in the waiting room.

Hubbies Does your man demand his bottle, pout, whine and make messes? Perhaps it's time to send him to the Mommies Dearest at the Hubbies Online Nursery For Big Brats and Babies! Includes five issues of His New Mommy Magazine, so you'll know exactly how to temper his tantrums.

Big Baby Audio Bedtime stories for naughty adult baby boys -- and girls too! (contrary to Whapular belief, ladies have been known to misbehave themselves sometimes too, ya know! Present company excluded of course, of course).

Retro Systems Home of the best femdom advice, erotica, mind-play and wisdom on the web!

Rearing A Husband by Keri Pentauk. How to spank, smack, scold, humiliate, punish & cuckold your man!

Spanked Husbands, Satisfied Wives Edited by Keri Pentauk and Susan Flannery. The bestselling illustrated femdom short story collection.

I Was A Teenage Dominatrix by Shawna Kenney. A true story! Winner of Firecracker Alternative Book Award.

The Femdom Webring Professional and lifestyle mistresses, shopping, reading, galleries, and of course some femdom comic relief. 3,000+ femdom links to dominatrix sties and the best fem dom on the web

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